Cleansing the Nentir Vale

Chapter 2 - Assault on Kobold Hall
Our heroes continue their search for Kobold Hall

Players – Robert (Jeason – Elven Ranger), Hally (Feyette – Elven Druid), Eric (Gun – Dragonborn Wizard)

Upon arriving in Fallcrest the adventurers begin their search for the location of Teldor Hall. Most of the people in the town have heard of Teldor Hall (though they are more receptive to the name “Kobold Hall”), unfortunately none of them can give the adventurers a definite location. However, about a week into their search the adventurers get lucky. They catch a small group of Kobolds attempting to rob a house on the outskirts of the town. They are able to kill most of the beasts, but one manages to escape into the town. The kobold had been reluctant to fight the adventurers at all, and fled when he first got the chance. The adventurers are soon able to catch his trail, and pursue him throughout the alleys of the city.

Though the kobold knocks a few things into the adventurers’ path during his escape, the group is able to keep up with him relatively well. When they come to the town square, the kobold finally gives up from exhaustion. Just when the adventurers think they have him cornered, many other kobolds jump out from their respective hiding places and attack. They are no match for the group though, and they fall easily as well. With nowhere else to run or hide, the first kobold pleads for his life. He says that he can lead the group to Kobold Hall, as long as they promise not to kill him. The adventurers agree to this, but spend a considerable amount of time deciding what to do with the kobold in lieu of killing him. They finally decide to keep the little creature as a pet/servant, and name him Dobby. He is overjoyed by this, as he never had a name previously and was treated very badly by he fellows. Now that they know the location of Teldor Hall, the adventurers stock up and begin their journey.

The group arrives a few days later at a dilapidated building hardly worthy of the title of “Hall”, however Dobby assures them that he’s brought them to the right place. The first thing the adventurers notice is that the roof of the building has been blown off and there are large claw marks on the outside walls. Dobby insists he has never noticed this before, and doesn’t know what could have caused such damage. Despite this bad omen, the adventurers continue inside the Hall.

The adventurers are immediately accosted by hordes of Kobold Guards, but each group falls as easily as the last as the warriors make their way down into the dungeon below the Hall. The group finally makes it to the deepest point of Kobold Hall, and are able to defeat the Wyrmpriest Leader of the Kobolds. Dobby initially celebrates their victory over his former oppressors, however the adventurers are not so naive to think that their fight is over.

The adventurers find that there is a passage that cuts directly into the earth itself and leads to a frigidly cold and dark cavern. As the group cautiously investigates further, they are suddenly ambushed! A Young White Dragon emerges from its hiding spot and attacks the adventurers. This is Szartharrax, the “person” mentioned in the letter from Irontooth. The dragon controlled this particular tribe of kobolds, and is none to pleased to see that all of his slaves have been killed. Though he laughs at and taunts the adventurers initially, he soon flies into a mindless rage as the group slowly gains the upper hand. The dragon finally takes one to many fatal blows, and falls dead leaving the adventurers victorious.

When the adventurers search the back of Szartharrax’s cave, they find a Goblin in a cage. He is wounded and close to death, but manages to sputter out a few words before he expires. He tells the adventurers that he was sent from a place called “Shadowfell Keep” by the goblin Irontooth to Szartharrax as an offering. Irontooth hoped to solidify an alliance with the dragon by sending it food. As it dies, the goblin is able to whisper the name “Winterhaven”, a town in the mountains far to the west and presumably near this Shadowfell Keep. The adventurers think that Irontooth must be building up a great alliance of goblins, kobolds, and other monsters to send against the people of the Nentir Vale. They decide that they must travel to Winterhaven and put and end to this Irontooth and his warband. However, they also suspect that with an ominous name like “Shadowfell Keep”, that the goblins might not be the true threat at all…

To be continued…

Chapter 1 - Fiends in the Ruins Below
The first adventure our heroes embark upon

Players: Robert (Jeason – Elven Ranger), Tim (Deacon – Tiefling Warlord)

The adventurers find themselves in a small village so far removed from civilization that it doesn’t even have a name. It does however have the staple of any true town worthy of the title: a tavern. While having a few drinks and restocking their supplies, the adventurers are approached by one of the townsfolk. He tells them that there have been raids on a few of the houses in the village lately. They suspect that the creatures responsible are goblins, and are hiding in the ruins the village was accidentally built on top of. Though the reward the villager has to offer is small, the adventurers agree to help anyway. After all, glory is its own reward.

Upon venturing into the ruins the adventurers find a couple of goblins sitting at a table and playing a game of cards. When the goblins see them, they attack lazily initially, but soon realize they are dealing with much more dangerous foes than the weak and frightful villagers. Still the adventurers are able to defeat the goblins with relative ease.

Further into the dungeon the adventurers find a larger party of goblin fighters. They are also accompanied by a Goblin Hexer, who is able to lead this group of goblins to fight a much more difficult battle. In the end, however, they fall as well.

In the final room of the relatively small dungeon, the adventurers find a much greater prepared group of goblins. They are lead by a Hobgoblin Warcaster, and their numbers are much greater. However, the adventurers luck continues as one of the goblins decides it would be a good idea to set loose the giant Dire Wolf they had captured. Certainly, their assumption must have been that the wolf would go after the adventurers. Unfortunately for them, it was none too pleased that it had been locked up for so long. After devouring the goblin that had let it out, the Dire Wolf continued to attack the rest of his captors. Once the last of the goblins had been devoured though, the beast immediately set upon the adventurers. Luckily the wolf was still wounded, and the adventurers were able to put him down.

With the last of the goblins dead, the adventurers decided to investigate the ruins further. They find an enchanted Longsword and a good amount of gold hidden in one of the rooms. They also find something very interesting on the corpse of the Hobgoblin Warcaster. It is a note from someone called “Irontooth”, probably their leader. Irontooth directs the goblins to send one of their own to a place called Teldor Hall to ensure an alliance with someone named “Szartharrax”. The note also directs the goblins to begin capturing people from the small town above to use as slaves at a place only referred to as “The Keep”. The adventurers had saved the villagers from a life of slavery.

The decide to head back up to the town and let them know that they goblins will no longer be a problem. The villagers are eternally grateful and offer to hold a celebration in their honor. However, the adventurers decline and simply ask if they knew of a place called Teldor Hall. They villagers do know of the hall in question, but not by the same name. It is located somewhere near the city of Fallcrest, and has been taken over by a great number of Kobolds. As such, it is now generally referred to as Kobold Hall. The adventurers thank the villagers, pack up, and begin the journey to Fallcrest.

To be continued…


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