Eight months ago…

There have been rumors of a great warhost forming in the north. They were discounted offhandedly until envoys from the army’s ranks began to appear in major settlements around the Nentir Vale. They spoke of the rise of a great leader and his plan to bring war to the growing forces of the ruthless Cult of Orcus. Furthermore, the Champion of the warhost is said to be divinely ordained by the Raven Queen herself. Many of able body and brave of spirit decide to make their way north to meet the great leader and see the measure of him for themselves. Generally, this is all it takes to gain their trust, as Eric King, Chosen of the Raven Queen, is truly a consecrated man.

Many are the followers of the Champion, but among them all, the Raven Host is exalted. They are the wisest and most powerful of his warriors, fated to stand side by side with their leader in the hour of his final victory over the hordes of the Abyss.

As one of the leaders of the Raven Host, you hold counsel with the Champion himself. You are a good friend of his, and aided him in the creation of the great army that exists today.

However, this is not how your story begins…

Instead it begins some months prior; before you knew Eric King, before the fall of Overlook, and before you knew the face of Orcus, The Demon Prince of the Undead.

Cleansing the Nentir Vale

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